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Entertaining and Deliciously Inspiring

Chef Speaker Sandra Lewis is an entertaining and deliciously inspiring chef, speaker, radio and podcast host who is classically-trained in French cuisine with a background in Human Resources.

She shares her thought-provoking content with an upbeat vibe. Audiences love her quick-witted style and are forever changed by her timely and relevant message.

Cooking and food is always included to illustrate her message.

It’s a fun, unique, and unforgettable experience that your group will love.

What Are You Hungry For?

Chef Speaker Sandra Speaks Directly to Your Needs

The canvas of food, cooking, and creating community around the home table provides the perfect illustration for how work gets done and building relationships at work. If you’re hungry for an engaging speaker to address any of the topic areas below, you’ve come to the right place.




Work Life Balance






Corporate Culture


Health & Wellness



Transform Your Organization, Your Workforce, Your Life

Chef Speaker Sandra Speech Titles

Change Your Life: COOK!

Living a satisfying life (at home and work) demands a return to a simplicity in a form so simple, it’s simply overlooked – cooking and creating community by living life at the table.

Hungry For More?: The True Flavor of Living

Fuel your life with passion and satisfaction at home and work by embracing your unique giftedness.

Culture: The Secret Sauce for Organizational Success

Culture truly does eat strategy for breakfast (lunch and dinner!). Transform the culture of your organizations with the four principles of LIFE.

Bathtubs and BBQ: The Aroma of Community

There is magic and science to aroma. Power your performance in life and at work by discovering how aroma works and what it has to do with mood, memory, and satisfaction.

“Loved her message! She captured me from the beginning and kept me fully engaged!”

Chef Sandra Lewis of Life At The Table in a chef jacket.


Chef Speaker Sandra Lewis

Founder and owner of Life At The Table, Chef Speaker Sandra Lewis, classically-trained in the French cooking methods graduated from culinary school following a successful corporate career of 20+ years.

Having dreamed of attending culinary school, in 2009 she faced a “now or never” moment.

Choosing the “now” she sold her house, put everything in storage, and pursued her dream.

Today she combines her culinary expertise with her experience as a single working mom to educate, inspire, and motivate people to answer the most important question they ask every day, “What’s for dinner?”.

Her primary message is one of TRANSFORMATION with cooking as both the metaphor and the means for organizational and personal change.

Because health, happiness, and life satisfaction at home and productivity at work begins around the home dining table.

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